Forthcoming Event

Chambers Power Breakfast - Waverley - The Power of Mindfulness

Tuesday 26/09/2017

Event Time: 07:45 - 09:30

Event Theme: Networking - Breakfast

Price: Member Rate: £20.00 +VAT | Non Member Rate: £30.00 +VAT |

Event Location:

The Hog's Back Hotel & Spa Farnham

GU10 1EX

The Power of Mindfulness
This short presentation will cover new scientific studies detailing corporate bottom line savings due to the implementation of mindfulness policies. Studies demonstrate that numerous companies in the UK are rapidly implementing Mindfulness as part of their corporate culture. Goldman Sachs, Barclays, JP Morgan, HSBC, BT, GE, GSK and Jaguar Land Rover are just some of the firms investing in the area. We will look at the data collected from leading companies demonstrating bottom line savings, areas covered include executive burnout, anxiety, and absence due to stress.
Following the presentation, there will be a short demonstration offering simple Mindfulness techniques to use at home.
Gary Evans alongside his wife Olga Terebenina will provide the Mindfulness presentation, demonstration, and lecture. This presentation provides a unique opportunity to understand how stress impacts the physiology of the body and provides some simple techniques for participants to use. Gary and Olga will be happy to answer any questions and will be available to discuss their business services.
Gary and Olga are co-directors of Holistic Healing Therapy LTD.
What is Mindfulness?

Simply put, Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, on purpose, without judgment. Being present, even for a few minutes, every day has been shown to calm the nervous system resulting in numerous physiological benefits.

If you don't know much about Mindfulness, it's easy to dismiss it as a fad. As a consequence of the many UK and American companies implementing Mindfulness policies for employees, we now have enough studies and data to show how Mindfulness is cutting business costs.

The House of Commons isn't immune to the reach of Mindfulness. Mindfulness sessions are now regularly offered in the House of Commons to MPs. The subject has been debated in the House numerous times, and an all parliamentary group set up to analyze the business case. We will look at the data from these reports as well as options for implementing Mindfulness in different business structures.

07:45am - Arrival with teas and coffees
08:00-08:20am - Speaker
08:30am - Breakfast and discussion
09:00am - Further networking
09:30am - Close

Feeback from other recent Power Breakfasts:

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“Fantastic Venue and Breakfast. There was a good group of people, all with ‘can do’ attitudes as well as an engaging speaker. I obtained a number of new contacts and received further networking opportunities. I also felt that I had come from the breakfast having learnt something new which is a big bonus!”

Andrew Maxwell - Tante Marie
“Surrey Chambers Power Breakfasts have been a great success for me… not only have I come away with useful insights which will have a real impact on the way we develop our management team and run our business, we have also benefitted from the networking opportunity, opening up a potentially exciting new business opportunity.”